Mystery Sticker Pack

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Remember the excitement of buying a Kinder Surprise and never knowing what toy was going to be inside? Sometimes it was a polar bear, sometimes it was a plane, and sometimes it was a deadass jigsaw puzzle :(

Here at Likewise we’re bringing back that surprise with our brand new mystery sticker packs. We have designed 30 NEVER SEEN BEFORE stickers that are only available to those who are willing to roll the dice. Each mystery pack comes with a set of three stickers that will be chosen at random. These stickers are only available via the mystery packs and will not be released individually. Do you dare to risk it for the biscuit to collect all 30? We promise: no jigsaw puzzles.

Size: 180mm (7.1in) wide

Printed on outdoor vinyl. Laminated in high gloss.




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Mystery Sticker Pack
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